About Us

Addy in the new shop front at Pink Jam Trading

My style. My love of colour.

I have always loved my home, whether it is just moving a room around or buying a new cushion. I love love love anything to do with decorating homes and this is why I started Pink Jam Trading. We are an online interior design business situated on a lovely farm in Young, South West New South Wales. Every project is a great source of energy and excitement for me and I enjoy building client relationships and making people happy.

Pink Jam Trading is all about bringing your home to life. It may be through fabrics, soft furnishings, lighting, furniture, art or wallpaper. Whatever it is, we can help you create a gorgeous interior that will give you goose bumps! At Pink Jam Trading we love all things colour, we love fabrics that sing, the feeling of home, mixing old with new, we love playing with patterns and bespoke style. I love a touch of industrial, all white palette with amazing bursts of colour in artwork, fabrics, pendants, wallpaper, rugs and possessions. I love pieces that have a story.

I don't have time to shop around with three adorable children and being slightly isolated living on a farm, so one of my biggest motivations for Pink Jam Trading was offering people a one stop shop. Whether they want one metre of fabric or two lounges, we can source it for them. A huge thrill is working for clients whether it is room or a whole house I love working with pieces you already have or inherited (haven't we all got a piece we have inherited?), adding new pieces, fabulous accessories, devine fabric and bingo, you can have the goose bumps too.

In the eight years of having my own design practice, I’ve worked on hundreds of separate projects ranging from residential to commercial spaces. We have an amazing team here at Pink Jam Trading with a breadth of service, experience and qualifications. We travel to exhibitions around Australia to keep up to date with the desirable in design and thus can source fabric and furnishings for clients which you simply cannot buy in the shops.

I love what I do because gorgeous interiors can change your home and life and client's reactions when we have finished a job that is the ultimate. Pink Jam Trading is about loving your home walking in to a room and getting butterflies about how it looks.